Fair trade factory Nepal

own factory

Nepal, Kathmandu
42 employees
 Established in 2011

Located in the capital city of Nepal is our very own factory called studio Nepal. 
Most of the studio JUX collection is made in this factory which was founded in 2011. To own this factory as a brand is a very unique opportunity for us to create direct social impact by controlling the safe and healthy working conditions for our employees ourselves. This allows us to maximise our social impact and minimise environmental impact at the same time. In addition it ensures that every single piece is handmade with love and dedication.

You can read more about the working conditions and promises we make to our employees in the code of conduct here.

our factory

How it started

It all started with taking over a single sewing station at an existing factory to create the first studio JUX collections from the desire to create fair employment in Nepal. Due to the succes of our sustainable brand studio JUX, the amount of sewing stations that were taken over and provided fair employment for more tailors grew quickly. 

At the moment we are able to provide 42 Nepalese with employment. Providing them with a living wage with which they can support their families. 

The handshake

 Meet the tailor of your JUX piece via the handshake that is added to each piece made in our factory. Have a look at the number inside your item and discover who made your clothes here.

tailor measuring clothing

Kathmandu, Nepal factory

sewing machine

work floor fair trade factory