tencel jersey factory Jiecco

Shanghai, China
+/- 100 employees
 Established in 2009

The factory

For a part of our collection we work together with Jiecco, a production facility near Shanghai in China. The GOTS-certified company was founded by Miranda Chen and Philipp Langer in 2009. With its specialization in the fair production and good working conditions they are pioneers in China. 
Close to Shanghai they built a pleasant working atmosphere for almost 100 employees. They take good care of their employees and assure safe working conditions. The team works with the latest technologies in the fashion industry, which ensures personal progress. Everybody gets trained regularly to deepen their knowledge of sustainable and environmental friendly production. They are a family-run company with many long-standing employees.

Fair working conditions

The facility dedicates itself to assure fair working conditions for its employees. Besides the safe working conditions and good living wages, their employees live a lifestyle similar to that of the West, in which private life and work receive equal attention. Therefore their working days are also usually from Monday to Friday and the working hours are regulated to 40 hours a week.

 About the owners

The factory was founded by Miranda Chen and Philipp Langer back in 2009 with the aim of establishing an environmentally friendly and fair textile production in China. This factory shows that 'made in China' does not necessarily have to do with mass production or poor working conditions. After establishing this production facility the owners founded the fashion label LangerChen with their passion for fashion and expertise in fabric development. The brand creates eco outdoor wear that scores with a timeless look, sustainable materials and high functionality. 

owners of the factory

sustainable materials