A sustainable wardrobe

A sustainable wardrobe

Fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind in the current situation we are in. However when business as usual comes to a halt it can be an opportunity to consider what is important in life and how we can make a difference. In our blog series “A Sustainable Wardrobe” we give you tips on how to create a wardrobe with a positive impact. First things first, the sustainable basics. 

At JUX we believe fashion should be fun for everyone, not just the person wearing it. By picking your wardrobe consciously, you can minimize the down sides of the fashion industry and help make the world a better place. In a sustainable wardrobe it is all about quality over quantity. Nice pieces you can enjoy that are made to last, produced in fair working conditions and with minimal impact on the environment.
ounds difficult? We will help you out. First things first, let's start with the basics.

Your basic pieces are the backbone of your closet. Today we are going to focus on tops. A white t-shirt is perfect to combine with jeans or under a blazer. Tank-tops that can be worn underneath a sweater or on its own. Choose neutral colours that are easy to combine with more outspoken pieces. Nice go-to colours are: black; white; navy blue; browns and greys. For basic bottoms and to find out which colours suit you best, keep an eye out for our upcoming newsletters!


 sustainable wardrobeBamboo jersey turtle neck top - city grey

Unisex t-shirt - white

Ota jacket - ecru

Singlet - city grey

Unisex t-shirt - black

sweaterUnisex sweater - black