About our team in Nepal

About our team in Nepal

Hi U, 

As we get many requests from you to share more about our team in Nepal, we wanted to give you an update again. 

This week Nepal celebrated National Paddy Day.nepal national paddy day

As the annual rice planting season begins, people plant rice, dance and play with the muddy water. 

A big part of our Nepali team is outside Kathmandu to join their families. 

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From covid-19 crisis into a risky flood season 

After 3,5 months of lockdown, that caused not just a public health crisis but, also mass unemployment and economic dislocation, the monsoon brings the risk of yet another disaster – floods. 

Unlike the previous years, the pandemic has also brought returnees from overseas and in-country migrants, increasing the population living in areas at flood and landslide risk. Additionally people need to be made aware of maintaining hygiene and physical separation in shelters.

The government is working hard on early warning and immediate response at district and provincial level.

We will do our very best to continue to support our employees and their families in the current situation.