Effective cleaning, what do I really need? 

Effective cleaning, what do I really need? 

What a mess, where to start? I’ll start tomorrow... or next week… Recognizable? Don’t worry, we feel you! We found a method that works for us and might work for you too: The KonMari method.

The KonMari method consists of two simple steps.

  1. Throw it away 
  2. Store it 

The most important question for this method is: ‘‘Does it spark joy?’’ When the answer is ‘‘no’’, you throw it away. When the answer is ‘‘yes’’, you store it. However don’t just throw things away, you can always donate or sell it to make other people happy! 

According to Marie Kondo it’s important to clean up by category. Start with your clothes. Marie Kondo believes you have the least trouble getting rid of clothes. The longer it will take, the easier it becomes to throw things away. 

  1. Start with the first category: Clothes
  2. Place all the clothes you have on the floor, your whole closet should be empty. 
  3. Grab one piece at a time, feel the fabric, look at the colours, and ask yourself the question: ‘‘Does it spark joy?’’
  4. If so, give it a place back in your closet. When the answer is no, put it in a bag right away. Optional in this step is to have a separate bag for things that you want to donate, recycle and things you want to throw away. 

Make sure to always have good basics in your closet, quality over quantity. At studio JUX we have some comfortable basics that are sustainable and made in fair working conditions. Such as the pieces in our unisex collection.