Introducing three new zero waste shampoo bars

You might be familiar with our zero waste care bars, made in the organic farm and training centre, Herb Nepal. Which works with smallholder farmers to cultivate organically-grown herbs used to create our natural and ethically-sourced plant-based skincare products. 

The farmers are being trained by Herb Nepal to naturally and sustainably make use of the land and processing the herbs and vegetables.

As the Coronavirus has put the production in Nepal on hold, they have set up production in the Netherlands as well. Here they use locally grown organic herbs and vegetables for the pure care bars. This way we still have a quality product and with each sold piece we’re supporting the farm and training centre in Nepal as well.

The three new and improved locally made shampoo bars will take great care of your hair and are the ideal zero waste option.

shampoo bars

Beetroot + ginger shampoo bar - normal hair
The beetroot and ginger shampoo bar packs a powerful punch. It has a deep Pink colour and benefits from the active constituents of Ginger, which supports hairs growth systems by restoring moisture loss. For Normal hair types.

Horsetail + peppermint shampoo bar - normal hair
Our wildcrafted horsetail and peppermint shampoo bar benefits from the naturally-derived silicone alternative contained within the Horsetail herb (equisetum), moisturising your hair from within. A wildcrafted plant, we use it to great effect within our this special shampoo bar. For normal hair types.

Rosemary shampoo bar - dry hair
Our Rosemary Shampoo bar is packed full of antioxidants that support the hair's natural structure, proving that people were right to use Rosemary as a rinse for many centuries. For Dry hair types.