Powerwoman Anouk lives in Nepal and shares her story

Powerwoman Anouk lives in Nepal and shares her story

We met Anouk a couple of years back in Nepal. As she shares the same mission on creating a positive impact, we’ve stayed in close contact ever since. She is also selling studio JUX in her own store in Nepal, called Timro Concept Store. Today she shares her story about being in Nepal during the pandemic. 

“Today we are at day number 58 of the lockdown in Nepal. Things have changed, we have changed and what we do has changed. Wondering how " normal " will look like. 

In the beginning of the lockdown we were very motivated and positive. We created an online platform for all the producers and brands we work with in Nepal and tried to create a place to motivate each other and stay connected. We even made the store completely summer ready. 

Six weeks later I have to be honest and say that it's very hard to see the true impact of the lockdown. It feels sometimes like an emotional roller coaster that doesn't seem to stop. It's very difficult to have a near future vision without any clear planning and information from the government on how to move forward as a country and economy.  I'm extremely worried about all the social enterprises that started to come up as a positive wave after the earthquake in the past 5 years. I'm worried about all the young Nepalese that have stood up to make a difference, created brands and choose people and planet first. 

At this moment I know one thing for sure and that is that I refuse to give up. A few years ago I promised myself to create a platform and support network for startups, brands and producers and I won't give up now. I truly believe in development through financial independence and skills for employment. That's exactly what all these amazing people around us create, ethical and sustainable work environments. They will be the employers of the future and we will support them as long as we can! 

More than ever it's visible how conscious brands and producers are making a difference and where they go through to take care of their employees as long as they can. Especially in Nepal where we on the other hand see thousands of daily wage workers worrying more about hunger than Corona. 

Community work

Together with partners we have found ways to support the community in this humanitarian crisis that Nepal is going through. I'm extremely proud of all of them involved in these extremely challenging times. After a friend of mine called in week three of the lockdown and told me about very needy new mothers and high pregnant women that she met on a daily basis while providing food we felt we have to do something. Within three days, the first maternity package was sent to my friend and by now many many more have been distributed all over Kathmandu including thousands of masks. 

Three days ago we got a call from another friend who ran into a very needy new mother in his area with newborn triplets! Can you imagine? Triplets in a situation where you worry about food on the table, a lockdown and now in an area that is completely shutdown by the army because of new found corona traces? 

In the coming weeks we will do what we can to keep our heads healthy, to survive the lockdown with our store and platform and hopefully we will be able to collect the funds we need to revive. 

We will do anything within our reach to help more young mothers in need and we are waiting for the better days to come.” 

Anouk Versteeg Tamrakar