Share positivity and stay positive ||

Our favourite initiatives of the week. Creative people that came up with inspiring ideas. 

Make new friends
The company Refugee Team is helping refugees finding their place in the Dutch society as smoothly as possible. One of their initiatives is language courses, but at the moment these classes have been cancelled. To solve this issue they came up with Video Friends. Through this initiative Dutchies can volunteer to video call with someone who has not been in the Netherlands for a very long time. This helps them to continue practicing the Dutch language.

During a walk in the neighbourhood or a scroll session on Instagram you will see more and more positive chalk messages, or in other words: pepchalks. A chalked thank you message for the health care workers, a greeting underneath the windows of elderly people, a ‘stay strong’ in front of the shops and lots and lots of hearts everywhere. We are a fan of these pepchalks, they are a nice way to surprise others without a lot of effort and without getting too close.