What to do with your kids at home?

What to do with your kids at home?

As we are all forced to stay at home as much as possible, we’re trying to combine private and work life. This can be hard when you have children who need to be entertained. In this article we want to share some fun ideas you can do together with your kids.

Making postcards
These days many (especially older) people are alone at home. How nice would it be to brighten up their day with your kids homemade card! If you want, they can write a message themselves inside the card. Send them by post, or deliver them together. To be completely health safe, make sure to wait 24 hours before posting the card and use gloves to deliver them after. Here are some great card ideas:

Pipe cleaner flower card

Creative with buttons

Heart chicken

Bouquet of hearts


Make your own teepee tent 
When you can’t go on holiday because you’re supposed not to leave your house, bring the holiday feeling in your own house! In this teepee tent it will feel like a mini-holiday, and the kids will have some space for themselves. You can even place the teepee tent outside when it’s sunny. In only 10 minutes your teepee tent is done! 

What you need
- 4 pieces of wood cut to 1.5 meter in length
- Jute twine
- Canvas drop cloth or an old duvet cover
- 1 pin
- Cushion (optional)
- Decoration/ lights (optional)

1. First line up your pieces of wood in the way you want. You can use any shape of wood.  After they are lined up, wrap the twine around the thinnest part of all four pieces together. Make sure it’s secure enough.
2. Drape the cloth around the wood. Start on the right side of the teepee, wrap the cloth around the back of the teepee and pin the top of the cloth to the front piece of wood.
3. To do the draping in the front, take the bottom left corner of the drop cloth and fold over once and set it over the front right piece of wood. You can pin it, but this is not necessary.
4. You’re all done! Your kids (or pets) can play in the teepee and feel like they are on holiday!

Have fun with these simple and fun DIY's!