The end of an era

The end of an era

The time has come to officially say our goodbyes.

We want to especially thank you, our customers around the world. You gave us the trust and positivity to develop more sustainable products and grow our social business, making you pioneers just as well.

Also, a big shout out to all the wonderful volunteers that joined our mission. We couldn’t have done it without you. And of course we would like to thank all our employees here in the Netherlands and in Nepal, freelancers working with us and all our partners.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Our leftover stock found a good cause

We made sure our leftover stock of clothing ended up somewhere good. We donated it to different charities around Amsterdam. One is De Regenboog Groep, a charity supporting people who have difficulties finding their place in society, from locals to refugees. Another is Help Meehelpen in Heemstede, set up by Galina Kuklenko to support refugee mothers and their children from Ukraine. 

You can read more about both charities on their websites: De Regenboog Groep & Help Meehelpen.

Our story

When we first started studio JUX 15 years ago, sustainable fashion didn’t yet exist. Our mission came straight from our hearts. We wanted to contribute with truly beautiful fashion. That looked good and was made good. We made and sold tens of thousands of pieces in that spirit. 

Others found us naive. Exactly the kind of response a pioneer provokes. We had no other fashion brands serving as examples. There was no place for us in the fashion scene. We had to create it ourselves. But we were not alone.



We were part of the first sustainable fashion fairs. We were the first sustainable brand with fashion shows at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Queen Maxima gave recognition for our mission when we won the Green Fashion Competition. Many awards, TV shows, radio interviews, newspaper articles and awkward photo shoots followed. The recognition for our role as a pioneer in the sustainable fashion landscape had been growing over the years. 



After 15 years, sustainability has not only become the norm. It has become urgent. It is the only right way. And we’re extremely proud to have been the pioneer for all these years. 

We are heartbroken to close down studio JUX. But also very proud of what studio JUX has become.


We are proud of all our Nepali employees and their families who joined us and have been on our side. It was challenging while there was a civil war going on. How can you run a sewing machine with daily electricity cuts? And a curfew was part of everyday life in Kathmandu. But we were able to give a chance to more than 100 uneducated Nepali women by hiring them and training them on the job. Now that is what beautiful fashion looks like.

We are grateful for all the help we could give during these past years, especially when the devastating earthquake hit in 2015. Within 24 hours we had a crowdfunding campaign running. We raised €110.000 and funded new housing, medical aid and food for our employees, their families and everyone in our neighbourhood.  


Our factory is here to stay for more positive impact

There’s good news too. The foundation will continue our mission and the factory in Nepal is able to stay open to continue producing fair trade and sustainable textile items. Run and operated by Tzering Gurung and a team of women, they’re open for business and ready to continue the studio JUX mission. Read more about the factory and the foundation here. Donate to support their mission right here.

Thank you!