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About the trousers These trousers have a wide fit and are designed in Japanese style. The style has a high rise and two front pockets.  Details + Fit: wide + Length: normal + Fabric material: 100% organic cotton + Colour: indigo crepe
€55.98 €139.95
About the jeans Slim fit with a mid rise. The fit hugs the body, but is not skin tight. The back pockets are slightly curved to follow and shape the body giving it a subtle lift. The fabric is from Turkey (Orta) and is stitched in Tunisia. This Juno has...
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About the jeans Regular fit, flared skinny. The style has a high rise and slightly longer back pockets which have a bit of a curve to follow and shape the body. The leg is tight at the thighs and wide at the bottom. The fabric comes from Turkey (Orta) and...
About the jeans The super stretch version of Christina. Similar in fit but with only use of super stretchy fabrics that feel like a second skin. The back pockets are more square and have no pocket lining to avoid added volume and keep the look slim. The fabric comes from Turkey...
About the leggings These lightweight leggings are comfortable and very soft. It's an everyday essential and easy to combine with a dress, tunic or skirt.  Details + Material: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane + Colour: black + Made by a social enterprise in India 
€55.98 €139.95
About the jeans Straight, wider fit with a long rise. The crotch is worn a bit lower for a casual feel. The top is more fitted, legs are straight from the thigh down. To hold shape at the back, the back pockets are slightly bigger and more square. Can be...
About the trousers These jersey trousers have a relaxed fit and are very easy to wear. Combine it with high heels and a blouse for a classy look or choose for sneakers and a t-shirt for a rather casual outfit.  Details + Material: 100% organic cotton  + Colour: black + Made by a social...
About the jumpsuit This jumpsuit is made from soft organic cotton. It's comfortable and easy to wear. Combine it with high heels for a classy look or go for some sneakers and keep it casual.  + Material: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane + Colour: black


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