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About the nailpolish With its aqua shade and an eco-friendly formula, Mona is green in colour and by nature. Made with 84% plant-sourced natural ingredients, it’ll give you green fingers and make you smile!
About the nailpolish Do you fancy our vision of a lightning-bolt mauve? Oh so sweet on light skins, it will pop on dark skins. Even better, our bio-based, 10-free formula is a treat for your fingernails.
About the nailpolish Take your nails to the height of sophistication with Alaïa, our glossy, bio-based polish with a warm brown tone. A modern classic that looks great in the cool light of autumn.
About the remover Here’s the handy nomad version of a sweet best-seller: Lavender Nail Polish Remover. Packed in a quick & easy 30ml format, this bio-sourced nail polish remover gets rid of nail polish in a few finger twists, easy as A,B,C! Say goodbye to nasty smells and soiled cotton,...
About the nailpolish You’re not dreaming – the perfect midnight blue does exist! With its subtle shimmer to make your nails twinkle like starlight, Marnie brings deep colour to your manicure to take you through the night! Its intense, cool colour is perfect for winter.
About the nailpolish This sparkly gold polish will turn you into Lucia in the sky with diamonds thanks to its bio-based formula, filled to the brim with different sized glitter particles. What’s more, its vegan formula is made from 84% plant-derived ingredients, so it gets a gold star for its...
About the nailpolish Blue blue, electric blue! Bow down to Charlie, a bold colour with eco-friendly credentials. This high-shine, bio-based polish is made from natural-origin, renewable raw materials and is totally vegan and cruelty-free.
About the nailpolish Now that’s what we call a handy solution: a base and top coat combined in one single bottle, and with zero compromise on performance! This clever 2-in-1 product is made from 82% bio-based ingredients, in keeping with our entire PURE color range. Lasts for up to five...
About the nailpolish There’s more than meets the eye with Ayoko! A mysterious grey that combines hints of slate grey and purple, this polish creates the perfect complement to minimal or edgy looks. Enriched with starflower oil and plant keratin and made from 84% bio-based ingredients.
About the nail polish remover 100% organically-sourced, delicately-fragranced Lavender Nail Polish Remover transforms the boring old task of removing nail polish into a truly enjoyable treatment.
About the nail polish Elsa is a subtle beauty—a peachy pink that transcends trends for a timeless appeal. Ideal for a natural finish or a French manicure.


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