As a factory owner, we take good care of our employees and offer living wages and social security. We work according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) principles. The ILO promotes social justice and human and labour rights, and believes that world peace can only exist when built on social equality and fairness. To achieve this, the living and labour conditions of all people must be improved.

At studio JUX we offer our employees a contract that includes days off to spend with family and friends and all team members have a steady income that does not depend on the amount of work we generate for them. This means they also get paid when production is low for a particular period, and are still able to pay rent when they’re ill or on maternity leave. On average the people working in our factory earn a salary that is at least twice the minimum wage in Nepal.  Although offering a contract and steady income might sounds like a common thing to do, it is not common at all. Most fashion brands pay per piece (piece rate).

Next to living wages and social security, we offer tailored solutions to 60% of our employees including tuition fees, mediation, medical facilities and more. We cooperate with local NGO’s to support our employees in improving their living and housing situation.