Because fast fashion brands compete for market share, factory workers are required to work overtime in badly managed buildings and poor conditions so they can meet strict deadlines. At studio JUX we consider this unhealthy and unacceptable working conditions. We specifically choose to produce two collections each year, instead of every six weeks. This allows us to offer consumers a fashionable, ethical and sustainable alternative in a demanding market that is under a lot of pressure.

Because we run our own factory in Kathmandu, we can take really good care of our employees and offer them safe and healthy working conditions. This means there is proper furniture and our building and equipment are 100% safe and sound.

The building is inspected yearly and fire and escape routes are checked regularly to guarantee safety. In case we have to work overtime in high season, we work according the International Labour Organization (ILO) principles. This means our employees are free to choose to work overtime or not. If, for example, employees want to work overtime they generate extra income and we ensure they get home safe.