"By working together towards creating a positive impact in circularity + sustainability, we want to serve as an inspiration to others to do the same and ultimately leave a better world behind."

About studio JUX

We started studio JUX in 2008 because we believe fashion should be fun and enjoyable for everyone; for the designers, the people working in factories and everyone wearing and using the products. Our name embodies this. ‘JUX’ literally means ‘fun’ or ‘having a laugh’ in German.

The idea of our brand originates in a travel story. Our founder, Jitske Lundgren, was travelling through India when she met a man whose skin was purple, from head to toe, from walking in dye all day, every day to dye fabrics for our clothes. This was an enormous eyeopener and created the desire in Jitske to change our fashion industry.

Our factory

The studio JUX collection is made in our own factory, women empowerment projects and social enterprises that are based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This means we can ensure safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, maximise our social impact and minimise environmental impact at the same time. This also ensures that every single piece is handmade with love and dedication.

Fair trade factory in Nepal

Our stores

Online and in our stores we offer you our favourite guilt-free goods. Next to our own collection you'll find a wide assortment of well-designed products that are made sustainably and ethically. You can for example buy jeans from recycled yarn, a dress made of 'vegan silk' and beautiful handmade ceramics.

Visit our stores
studio JUX flagshipstore Amsterdam

Meet your tailor

The handshake inside each garment connects you to the tailor who made it. Through this handshake you are able to meet your tailor through one of our tailor cards in store or online here. All of our Nepali employees are rockstars, who we continually support. Being the owner of the factory, we ensure that a studio JUX supervisor is present at the factory to guide and support the team.

Mission + vision

At studio JUX we believe you don’t have to be either an NGO or a commercial business. We combine the two. As a social enterprise it’s our mission to successfully run a sustainable ethical fashion and lifestyle brand. To us ‘success’ means growth for everyone involved in the value chain; success for our employees, stakeholders, key suppliers, customers, lenders and shareholders. Studio JUX offers an alternative to fast fashion, focused on maximising social-economic impact and minimising environmental impact. We are dedicated to minimising our footprint as much as possible.

Our business philosophy centres on offering sustainable, ethical and beautifully designed fashion at fair and affordable prices. Our journey is filled with obstacles but we are determined to succeed.