high-quality natural organic recycled materials

Studio JUX proves it is possible to offer style, premium quality and sustainability. We only use the finest natural, organic or recycled materials with rich colours and refined details. This results in soft and wearable items that feel great on your skin. Read more about our 100% organic cotton / linen / hemp, the softest local Nepali cotton / bamboo jersey, extraordinary wool, shiny recycled brass and glossy glass beads.  

Organic cotton/linen/hemp

We use high-quality organic cotton, linen and hemp. Why choose organic over conventional cotton, linen and hemp? The conventional fabrics are treated with toxic pesticides and chemicals that are harmful to people and planet. For the growth of the organic alternative you don’t need chemical fertilizers and less water is used. Also, it is safe for people working with the (raw) material and healthier for your skin.

Local Nepali cotton/bamboo jersey

We use high-quality local Nepali cotton and bamboo jersey. Why choose local over materials produced in countries like India or Bangladesh? We started a factory in Nepal to maximise our social-economic impact in one of the poorest countries in the world. Buying local fabric increases our impact. Especially after recent earthquakes the Nepali community and textile industry can use the extra work and income.


We use three kinds of wool; merino, lamb and regular wool. The merino and lambs wool come from a factory owned by a former factory employee with a social and green heart. The regular wool items in our collection are hand knitted in a women empowerment project. We only work with the purest quality of wool that is available to guarantee a soft feel that is indistinguishable from cashmere.

Recycled brass

For our accessories collection we use shiny recycled brass that is handmade in the backyard of a Nepali man named Raju. We visit our suppliers often and build strong personal relationships with them. This hands-on approach results in extraordinary craftsmanship and a brighter future for the people involved.

Glass beads

For our accessories collection we use glass beads instead of plastic. Our jewellery is handmade in a women empowerment project in Nepal. After marriage, most Nepalese women move in with their in-laws and take care of them. It’s not common for these women to have a job. Imagine 20 women sitting in a circle, with a big bowl with beads in the middle. While chatting, they crochet the most amazing bracelets and necklaces.