Lease MUD jeans at our stores

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Lease a pair of MUD jeans, for a monthly fee at our stores

Pay for the performance of your jeans! A lease membership runs for 12 months, after that the jeans are yours.

MUD Jeans was the first denim brand in the world to offer a lease concept for jeans. We are now one of the very first partners of MUD Jeans to offer its lease concept in store.

Let's create a bigger positive impact in the circular movement together!

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    Owning less is fun

    We’re entering a world where ownership is becoming less popular. Success is no longer defined by the amount of stuff you own, but rather by your experiences in life, the connection with others. Owning gives unneeded stress. Yep: owning less has become the smarter way to live.

    Recycling becomes easy 

    After 12 months of paying your monthly fee, you can either keep your jeans, swap them for a new pair (and new lease) or bring them back to our stores. After you’ve returned your denim, MUD jeans will start the process of making new jeans from your old jeans. Keeping the materials in a closed loop.

    Good to know:

    + 1st time lease €9,95 per month
    + 2nd time lease €8,95 per month
    + if you hand in an old pair of jeans, you'll receive a one-month discount (any state, at least 96% cotton)
    + after 12 months the denim is paid off, you can keep it, return it or swap it and start a new lease
    + in-store only

    How it works:

    1. Come by one of our stores to find your perfect fit & colour
    2. Sign up for your denim lease in store.
    3. MUD jeans will ship your chosen pair of jeans to your home.
    4. Wear it + care for it - over and over again!
    5. After 12 months, you either keep your jeans (lease will stop) or you return them to complete the circle and lease a new pair.

    View the MUD jeans collection we have in our stores. 

    Curious? Just come by to one of our stores and check it out!