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minimise environmental impact

Studio JUX offers an alternative to fast fashion, which is a very important step in maximising our social-economic impact and minimising our environmental impact. We are dedicated to minimising our footprint as much as possible. Both in our factory in Nepal and at our Amsterdam based headquarters and store, where we sell guilt-free goods.

In our factory we use cut-offs for samples or small products, sell our garbage for recycling purposes and re-use water whenever we can. Due to regular power cuts in Nepal, it is our second nature to use electricity efficiently. In the future we want our factory to run on solar panels, which we’re working on at the moment. 

No company cars for the studio JUX team! Our headquarters is based in Amsterdam and the team travels to work by bike or public transport. In our office and store we use renewable energy, collect trash and choose vegetarian and organic options most of the time. We advise customers to wash their studio JUX items at low temperatures, use chemical free detergents and not tumble dry. In the off chance, our customers ever get bored with a studio JUX item, we ask them to never ever throw it out. Rather, we recommend that they sell the item, swap it with a friend or leave it in a clothing container for re-use.