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We turn wood pulp into dresses, PET bottles into jackets and paper into buttons. Read more about the innovative ‘fabrics of the future’ that we invest in.

Vegan silk

We use high-quality ‘vegan silk’, which is wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Turning wood into fabric is a Japanese invention with a process similar to Tencel production. Why choose vegan over conventional silk that is made from factory farmed silkworms? Vegan silk has the same luxurious appearance but is less fragile. It hardly creases, keeps its shape, is machine washable and dries quickly. You can wear it on your bike and still look flawless! Check the ‘details’ section in our webshop for the vegan options we have to offer.

Mixed twill

We use high-quality ‘mixed twill’, which consists of high-quality organic cotton, hemp and recycled polyester from PET bottles. Why choose organic over conventional cotton and hemp? The conventional materials are treated with toxic pesticides and chemicals harmful to people and planet. For the growth of organic cotton and hemp no chemical fertilizers are needed and less water is used. Also, it is safe for people working with the (raw) materials and healthier for your skin. Recycled polyester adds extra strength. Mixed twill offers harmless quality that lasts!

Trims + hangtags

We avoid using plastic whenever we can. Most of the buttons we use are made from paper that is transferred into a rock solid material. All labelling, such as the ‘My Nepali tailor is a rockstar’ and clothing care labels, is made from recycled polyester. We use recycled paper to make hangtags and apply natural resources such as seeds (kernel) and wood whenever we can.  


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