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Looking for a sustainable sweater? Lucky you! Because you’re exactly where you should be. We offer the best selection of organic sweaters. We sell sweaters from our own label, studio JUX, but also from other sustainable, fair trade or vegan fashion brands. These clothing labels are all carefully selected and the organic clothes we sell are extensively examined in terms of sustainability. We always strive to minimize the environmental impact. Fashion should be fun; not only for the people wearing the clothing but also for the makers.

In our online webshop, you find organic sweaters for women, organic sweaters for men and sustainable sweaters for kids and baby’s.

We sell organic sweaters from many different sustainable and fair-trade clothing brands, such as Armed Angels, Kings of Indigo, Miss Green, People Tree, and Wunderwerk. All of the sustainable jumpers are made in an ecological and environmental friendly way. The fashion brands are different in their use of materials. Some brands only use natural or organic materials while others rather go for recycled fabrics. Each brand has a different way of working, but they all try to make the best possible solutions when it comes to the environment.

A good sweater can’t be missed in your wardrobe. We offer all types of organic sweaters.

It gives every look a comfy touch and can be worn in many different ways. Go for light, natural sweaters made of organic cotton or tencel in the summer or choose for organic wool sweaters in the winter period. In our webshop, you find both handwoven sweaters and knitted sweaters. You find a broad range: from organic basic jumpers to turtleneck sweaters, oversized sweaters and cardigans sweaters.

We mainly sell high quality, basic sweaters. A must-have for every wardrobe! Looking for something more outgoing? No worries! We offer some fancy printed jumpers too. Good news: most of the organic sweaters are also fair-trade. Click here to get an overview of all fair trade sweaters. Besides organic & fair trade jumpers we also offer vegan sweaters. Click here if you want to discover our entire collection of vegan sweaters.