sustainable clothing

What is sustainable clothing to studio JUX?

For studio JUX sustainable clothing represents creating quality products that are made from sustainable materials. This means no pesticides have been used for the production of for example the organic cotton. This way we not only guarantee a product lasts long, we assure that the product causes as little harm to the environment as possible. Because according to us, sustainable fashion should be enjoyable for everyone.

sustainable clothing

What makes the materials of sustainable clothing better than conventional materials?

During the cultivation and production of conventional materials a lot of toxic substances are used. They have a negative impact on the climate, the farmers, the tailors and eventually also on the wearer of the product. The used chemicals in the fabrics can spread on the skin of the wearer and are bad for their health. Besides that, the fast fashion industry uses a lot of fabrics that contain microplastics. These minuscule plastic pieces are released from the fabric when putting the item in the washing machine, which eventually causes them to end up in the ocean and pollute the seawater.

With the production of our sustainable clothing, we use materials which are cultivated in an organic way, have not been dyed with chemicals and leave no microplastics behind. In addition we are always searching for the most climate efficient materials, such as hennep or bamboe, which are plants that grow remarkably fast.

organic materials

How does studio JUX assure that the clothing is as durable as possible?

Over the years we have learned a lot about the importance of a good design and quality materials. Since 2008 our design team has continuously critically looked at the construction of our products. Our focus has been a base of products that are well designed and constructed to last. Furthermore the care for a product can influence durability immensely, therefore we always provide product specific care instructions for our collections. Should you still have questions on how to enjoy your JUX piece for as long as possible, you can always contact us.