sustainable clothing brands

How does studio JUX curate the brands they sell in stores and online?

In addition to its own lifestyle brand, Studio JUX also sells products from other sustainable clothing brands. We choose the brands we sell with care and always keep a critical eye on the way in which the clothing brands go about their business. The factors that we mainly pay attention to in our selection are social and ecological. We try to be a curator for great initiatives that focus, for example, on collaborating with small-scale family businesses in poorer countries. In addition, we select the brands on the basis of innovation within the sustainability of their products. We try to work towards a circular fashion world.

sustainable clothing brands

How do you know the brands you sell have the same vision as you?

One of the most important things for us in collaborations with other brands is the relationship we build. We believe that together we can make each other stronger and that is why we always have good personal contact with the brands or agencies from which we purchase the goods. In this way, we also ensure that we can best convey their sustainable and fair trade story to our customers.

eco friendly brands

Which sustainable brands do you sell?

You can find an overview of our brands on the brands page of our site. It is important to us that we have a selection of products in which someone with any type of every clothing style can find something. This in order to break the stigma that sustainable clothing cannot be fashionable. For this reason we have an extensive range of brands. In addition, the goal of studio JUX is to offer a fully sustainable lifestyle. This includes small home accessories, care products and shoes. This way you can find all the sustainable and fair products you need in one place. Recently we have also expanded our zero waste products, so you can also make your kitchen a bit more sustainable.