sustainable clothing stores

Where can I buy the studio JUX collection?

For a number of years we have had our very own sustainable clothing stores. In the past, you could find studio JUX in a number of other ecological boutiques in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. At the moment our products are mainly available in our own flagship stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

The first store of studio JUX was opened in 2016 on the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam. With this, the wish to be able to tell our own story directly to the customer has come true. This has enabled us to help the customer a lot better. Following the success of this store, we opened another store in Utrecht. And who knows where the future will take us!

Which products can I find in your sustainable clothing stores?

In our fair trade boutiques you will find the complete collection of studio JUX. This is, in addition to women's, men's and children's clothing, products that are produced in collaboration with small women empowerment projects. Think of our zero waste care products that are made from start to finish on an organic farm in Nepal. Within this project, the farmers are helped to use their land as efficiently as possible.

In addition to our own products, we also sell sustainable and fair trade products from other brands. With this we try to offer an extensive range that everyone can agree with. We also sell brands such as Veja, ARMEDANGELS, MUD Jeans, Organic basics, Matt & Nat and A beautiful story. As a result, we also have a wide range of jewelry, shoes and accessories.

studio JUX Amsterdamstudio JUX Utrecht

In which cities can I find your eco stores?

We opened our first store in 2016 in the center of the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. In 2018 it was high time to open another store and we did this on the Twijnstraat in Utrecht. You can find all information and opening hours of the shops here.