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Looking for vegan shoes? Lucky you! Because you’re exactly where you should be. We offer a select, but high quality collection of vegan shoes. We sell different vegan shoes brands which are carefully selected and it can be guaranteed that the shoes do not contain any animal products. For all products we sell, we strive to minimize the environmental impact. Fashion should be fun; not only for the people wearing the clothing but also for the makers.

We sell animal free shoes for both men and women. On the look out for vegan shoes mens? For men you’ll find in our webshop mainly vegan sneakers. Our collection of vegan shoes womens includes vegan sneakers, vegan espadrilles and vegan sandals.

In our webshop you’ll find the most beautiful vegan shoe brands such as Matt & Nat, Muro.exe and Grand Step Shoes. The brands are different in their use of materials, but they all try to make the best possible solutions when it comes to people and planet. The vegan shoe brand Matt & Nat, mainly uses vegan leather for their shoes. The brand experiments with recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork. By replacing other materials for vegan leather, the brand doesn’t hurt any animals during their production. Muro.exe offers vegan sneakers, made of rubber and Grand Step Shoes uses mostly natural materials such as organic hemp.

Shop our guilt-free shoes now online. You can wear them with proud! Oh, and even more good news: most of the vegan shoes are also fair trade. Click here to get an overview of all fair trade shoes. Besides vegan- & fair trade shoes, we also offer organic shoes. Click here if you want to discover our entire collection of organic shoes.

Can’t find your perfect pair of vegan shoes online? Please feel free to come visit our store and get the chance to have look in real life at our vegan shoes in Amsterdam.


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