women empowerment + fairtrade projects

At studio JUX, created by two female entrepreneurs, we simply love projects that make women more independent. Next to the production in our own Nepali factory, we cooperate with other suppliers focused on women empowerment.

Approximately 15% of the studio JUX collection is hand knitted in a women empowerment project in Nepal. After marriage, most Nepalese women move in with their in-laws and take care of them. It’s not common for these women to have a job. We cooperate with a women empowerment project that offers women the opportunity to hand knit the garments at home.

Our jewellery is also handmade by another women empowerment project. Imagine 20 women sitting in a circle, chatting around a bowl filled with hundreds of beads, crocheting the most amazing bracelets and necklaces.

For our ceramics collection, hand woven items, paper products and rush baskets we cooperate with the Association for Craft Producers (ACP), which is a non-profit fair trade organization. ACP works together with low income craft producers, primarily women, located throughout Nepal. They focus on up-grading existing basic skills through training on the job to unleash the full potential of their workers. As a result these women earn wages to supplement family income and improve the overall standard of living.