Beads rattle - toy

+ Material: 100% rubberwood

+ Colour: multicoloured


A rattle is definitely one of the favourite toys of children. So probably your little one will love the Plan Toys Beads Rattle. The wooden rattle is provided with soft coloured beads which make a rattling sound when your baby shakes the rattle. In addition, the rattle enhances baby’s fine motor skills when your child grasps and shakes. The rattle is coated with a non-toxic coating.

SKU: 4005262

Plan Toys

Green, sustainable and too cute to resist! These toys inspire children’s imagination and promote their physical and intellectual development. The brand designs and manufactures innovative, eco-friendly educational toys that promote fun & imagination.

+ safety and healthy work environment

+ reforestation program
+ non-toxic, natural materials
+ uses certified E-Zero formaldehyde free glue
+ uses Recycled paper and Soy ink for their printed materials


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