Chamois roses - socks - red

+ Material: 90% of the finest bio cotton, 9% polyamide, 1% elastane

+ Colour: red


About the socks

The Chamois socks. With a lovely little stripe pattern. Very stylish, like a French woman walking in Paris.

SKU: C-19623:35-38

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Literally reduce your footprint by wearing 100% organic socks of Dutch design brand Qnoop. The founders added a biodegradable button to each pair, to keep socks together on laundry day. ‘Missing sock mystery’ solved. Smart! Organic yarns and recycled labels and packaging close the loop.


+ produced in Portugal
+ European standards for wages + social security
+ safe + healthy working conditions

+ biodegradable button keeps socks together
+ minimise environmental impact
+ new eco-friendly materials
+ high-quality organic + recycled materials


mens' + women's socks


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