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marieke eyskoot

Dit is een goed gidsje - Marieke Eyskoot

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The best tips and activities for children to make the world more sustainable and fairer: the youth edition of bestseller This is a good guide.

This is a good guide to a better world. It's that simple. Because the climate, people and animals could use some help.  With these top tips you can get started right away: at home and at school, while eating and playing, in nature and while traveling. We are going to save energy, save animals and clean up plastic. And shop smarter, treat everyone equally and decide for ourselves what we look like. In this way you ensure a cleaner environment and a kinder earth. How good is that? And it gets even better! Because the things you can do are not only good for the world, they are also fun for you. Wow! What are we waiting for? Just what I think. Let's go!

+ Author: Marieke Eyskoot
+ Pages: 192
+ Size: 23.9 x 18 x 2.1 cm