Happy labradorite gold necklace

+ Length: 75 cm

+ Colour: green

+ Material: beads, brass, gemstone, thread, gold plated

+ Gemstone: labradorite


About the necklace

Happy Labradorite gold necklace is a gold plated necklace with faceted brass beads, small faceted Labradorite gemstones and a tassel of cotton thread. The Labradorite gemstone unites all your strengths and reflects your energy and light. Wear this gemstone to become the best version of yourself.



SKU: AW22614

A Beautiful Story 

A Beautiful Story brings together Dutch designs from Amsterdam and traditional crafts from Nepal. The brand creates intriguing and awe-inspiring pieces that are made in a fair and ethical manner.

+ produced in Kathmandu (Nepal)
+ craftsmanship + handicraft
+ fair-trade
+ women’s empowerment

+ minimise environmental impact
+ digitalize as much as possible
+ uses biodegradable and recycled materials




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