Hinze maple - watch - wood

+ Material: natural wood

+ Colour: wood

+ Made in: China

+ Vegan


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About the watch

This watch is made from natural wood. The watch is adjustable to fit most wrists.

A traditional french tale conveys that Hinze was the smart and french declaiming booted cat. He persuaded the miller’s son to give him boots instead of processing him to gloves. Thankful for his new footwear he hunted hundreds of partridges for his master who sold to the king for their weight in gold. In the end, the miller even married the Kings daughter on top – cause money ain’t for nothing and the chicks for free.

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Kerbholz stands for wooden watches of finest quality, handmade from the most precious woods in the world. Since the very beginning KERBHOLZ works in a sustainable way without compromising on the clean design or quality.

+ produced in Central America
+ handmade

+ wood originates from certified sustainable forestry + organic raw materials (acetate)
+ environmental protection




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