Loafers - bordeaux red

+ Material: naturally tanned leather (chrome-free)

+ Colour: bordeaux red

+ Made in: Germany, Hungary & Slovakia

€149.95 -40%

These shoes by Werner are one of those must have styles. Dress them up with a pair of formal trousers or dress them down with a t-shirt and jeans. The shoes are made from chrome free naturally tanned leather. They are therefor not vegan. 

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This footwear label walks the talk. Werner shoes are handmade from premium quality chrome-free naturally tanned leather. A passionate German family is dedicated to deliver the most comfortable and well-designed shoes as possible. You will treasure them forever.


+ family-run business
+ handmade in Germany, Hungary + Slovakia
+ craftsmanship + handicraft
+ European standards for wages + social security
+ European safe + healthy working conditions

+ naturally tanned leather (chrome-free)
+ leather from German bio cattle
+ minimize environmental impact
+ high-quality natural materials


women’s footwear


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