Matt ceramic - straight mug - beige


This item is handmade in cooperation with a fair trade project in Nepal. This project provides jobs to small family businesses. Why choose local workshops over ceramics produced in big factories in other countries? Working directly together with the fair trade project maximises our social-economic impact in one of the poorest countries in the world. Supporting local workshops increases our impact.

+ 1 piece per pack
+ Measurements: 8 x 5.5cm

SKU: N01AH4004105:F

studio JUX

‘JUX’ literally means ‘fun’ or ‘having a laugh’ in German. According to Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink fashion and a sustainable lifestyle should be fun for everyone. For the designers, people working in the factory and everyone wearing and using the products. The handshake inside each garment introduces you to the Nepali tailor who made it.


+ produced in own factory in Nepal
+ women empowerment + fairtrade projects
+ training centre with Terre des Hommes
+ maximise social-economic impact in developing country
+ craftsmanship + handicraft
+ living wages + social security
+ safe + healthy working conditions

+ minimise environmental impact
+ new eco-friendly materials
+ high-quality natural, organic + recycled materials


menswear, womenswear, accessories + home


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