Olivia - stockings 60 den - black

+ Colour: black

+ Material: 92% polyamide, 8% elastane - both from recycled yarn

+ Detail: 60 denier


Olivia is our 60 den stockings knitted in recycled, premium yarn. It is the ultimate staple for any wardrobe as it is versatile over many temperatures and seasons. It is knitted in 3D to ensure an amazing fit to your body and is designed with a wide, high waistband. It comes in four different colours, with a matte finish and medium coverage. 

SKU: Olivia black 60 den -2

Swedish stockings

Say what? Each year two billion pairs of tights end up in the bin after they were used just once. Nadja and Linn, founders of Swedish Stockings, offer a fashionable alternative. Their fancy looking stockings combine sustainability, quality and great design. The recycled yarns are dyed environmentally friendly in factories using solar power.


+ production in Italy
+ European standards for wages + social security
+ European safe + healthy working conditions

+ factories run on solar power
+ minimise environmental impact
+ new eco-friendly materials
+ high-quality recycled materials




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