Vegan silk v-neck dress - dark green

+ Fit: regular

+ Material: 100% triacetate

+ Colour: dark green

+ Model: 178cm and is wearing size 36

+ Care: hand wash


A piece that lasts forever! The dress is made from vegan silk, which is a fabric made from wood. The drawstring at the waist gives a feminine figure to the dress.

peta approved vegan fashion

SKU: N01CW3004324:34

studio JUX

‘JUX’ literally means ‘fun’ or ‘having a laugh’ in German. According to Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink fashion and a sustainable lifestyle should be fun for everyone. For the designers, people working in the factory and everyone wearing and using the products. The handshake inside each garment introduces you to the Nepali tailor who made it.


+ produced in own factory in Nepal
+ women empowerment + fairtrade projects
+ training centre with Terre des Hommes
+ maximise social-economic impact in developing country
+ craftsmanship + handicraft
+ living wages + social security
+ safe + healthy working conditions

+ minimise environmental impact
+ new eco-friendly materials
+ high-quality natural, organic + recycled materials


menswear, womenswear, accessories + home


Which Nepali tailor is your rockstar? This item has a number on the inside.

Find your tailor below.

– 1 –

Yelisha Limbu


Nepali date of birth 14/04/1947

Western date of birth 29/07/1990

‘I started as a trainee and learned how to stitch at studio JUX. Now I’m working as a tailor and have a lot of responsibility. Next to my work, I was able to study and finish my masters. In my free time, I love to visit my family. They are living in Nuwakot, north from Kathmandu.’ 

– 2 –

Dil Maya Tamang


Nepali date of birth 4/11/1943

Western date of birth 16/02/1987

‘I learned stitching at a small atelier in Kathmandu. After some years, I decided to look for something new and found studio JUX. I’m very happy here with my working conditions and I made some new friends as well. We love to go out of town together on our ‘scooti’ to explore nice places around the city, like Bodhnath.’

– 3 –

Baburam Damai


Nepali date of birth 09/02/2026
Western date of birth 23/05/1969

‘I learned pattern making and stitching from my father. At studio JUX, I’m responsible for all technical tasks on the work floor. I’m a family person, that’s why free time is all about my five daughters and four grandchildren. Sometimes, I have to take time off to help my relatives with farming our land, especially around the rice planting season in June.’

– 4 –

Usha pun Magar


Nepali date of birth 25/02/2053
Western date of birth 08/06/1996

‘My hometown is Pyuthan, it’s located in the west of Nepal. When I moved to Kathmandu, I went to a small factory to learn stitching. After a few years, I started as a trainee at studio JUX and met my friends Yelisha and Ramila there. I hope to be a tailor soon. I really love western clothing and especially jeans.’

– 5 –

Mahesh Chaudhary


Nepali date of birth 15/11/1939
Western date of birth 27/02/1983

‘When I was 19 years old, I learned some stitching skills from an old tailor in my village. I moved to Kathmandu and got a job in a big factory. I heard trough a friend about studio JUX and decided to apply there. Lucky me – I’m very happy that I found the factory and work together with grateful people. To keep myself fit, I cycle for one hour from home to work every day.’

– 6 –

Jugal Daas


Nepali date of birth 20/05/2028
Western date of birth 05/09/1971

‘I’m originally from Dhanusa, it’s in the south east of Nepal. I learned stitching in my hometown and moved to Kathmandu together with my wife. We have two children now and I’m very glad that I found studio JUX. I met Mahesh and Ram Dayal here as well, they’re two very good friends of mine now.’

– 7 –

Raju Khati


Nepali date of birth 07/03/2025
Western date of birth 20/06/1968

‘I learned pattern making from a tailor in Kathmandu and practiced my skills by making suits for family and friends. Now I’m working for studio JUX as a master and I take care of all technical tasks on the work floor. Next to my work, I love to spend time with my family and my two children. I love to cook big family dinners even though my wife is a better cook.’

– 8 –

Ram Dayal Paijiyar


Nepali date of birth 04/06/2027
Western date of birth 20/09/1970

‘I was raised under very basic conditions. I have to children now and my wife and I work very hard to give them the best possible education. Once my mountain bike got stolen, studio JUX helped me out and gave me a new one. I’m very happy to work for them. One of my favorite things to do are button holes. Check your piece, it could be that they are made by me.’

– 9 –

Dip lal Hajari


Nepali date of birth 15/03/2029
Western date of birth 28/06/1972

‘I moved to Kathmandu when I was 17 years old. I didn’t have so much knowledge so it was very hard for me to find a job. I worked in different factories to gain a lot of knowledge. My wife and I work very hard to give our children a good education. Next to my work, I spent a lot of time with friends and music. My favourite band is Evergreen.’

– 10 –

Ramila Chepang


Nepali date of birth 02/02/2049
Western date of birth 16/05/1992

‘I grew up with two brothers and one sister. That’s why I always like to work in a group. I learned my stitching skills from an old tailor in Kathmandu. Yeli and Usha are very close friends of mine. We live close by and walk together to the factory every morning, to have a some girls chat.’

– 11 –

Sashi kala Rai


Nepali date of birth 29/03/2050
Western date of birth 03/03/1993

‘I started as a trainee at studio JUX. My friend Fulmaya brought me here and I’m very happy to learn a lot about making clothes and stitching. My family is living in Solu Khumbu, in the north of Nepal underneath the Mount Everest. I always travel there when I have holidays.’

– 12 –

Fulmaya Gurung


Nepali date of birth 24/12/2035
Western date of birth 06/04/1978

‘I’m living very close by the factory with my two children and my husband. We moved from Gorkha to Kathmandu, which is in the west of Nepal. I first went to a small factory to learn how to stitch and later found studio JUX. During holidays, we always try to plan nice trips with our kids. We all love to discover new places.’

– 13 –

Kalpana Khatri


Nepali date of birth 19/09/2039
Western date of birth 24/12/1982

‘I started working for studio JUX as a trainee. Now I gained enough experience to work as a tailor. Next to my work, I spend a lot of time with my three children and my husband. When we go on holiday we mostly do something special and take our kids to theme parks.’

– 14 –

Purna Maharjan


Nepali date of birth 18/07/2015
Western date of birth 03/11/1958

‘I’m from a small, beautiful town called Kirtipur and travel every day for one hour by bus to studio JUX. I worked many years for different ateliers and gained a lot of experience in stitching. I’m always open for new challenges and found an advertisement of studio JUX in the local newspaper. Even after more than 35 years of experience, I can still learn a lot of new things and I’m eager to gain the knowledge of a master soon.’

– 15 –

Jyoti Tuladhar


Nepali date of birth 11/09/2034
Western date of birth 24/01/1978

‘I’m from Gulfutar in Kathmandu. I first got a training in stitching at a local training center. My friend Fulmaya told me about studio JUX and I just started as a trainee here. My main tasks are finishings and buttons. I really enjoy to work here because I'm in contact with nice fabrics and new styles.’


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